Friend of Honey Bees

Started in 1970, Southern Pest Control has multiple locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas.  SPC is a full service, residential, pest control company. Customer service is top priority for Southern. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee and unlimited service on all of their Service Plans.

Every technician is licensed bonded, and insured. Technicians also receive continued training and education in how best to serve your pest control needs.

You can schedule an appointment from 9am-7pm, Monday through Friday, with the expectation of a Southern technician arriving punctually and ready to assist.

Southern also has a dedicated dispatch department to assist and communicate with the technician to help find a smooth and quick solution to your pest control problems.

Southern Pest Control knows the importance of the honeybee. They can help a homeowner determine if there is a honeybee problem and help them find someone to rid the homeowner of the unwanted hive.

Southern Pest Control is truly a Friend of the Honeybee. They know the impact these little creatures have on our ecosystem and what a detriment it would be to kill them.

We are honored to be able to work with Southern Pest Control to save a great pollinator, the honeybee!
To find a location near you, contact Southern at: 1-800-627-0577

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