Louis Job- 5/18/17

This job brought us to Kenly’s hometown of Amelia, Virginia.

We were called to Mrs. Louis’ house after a visitor had discovered a clump of bees on the brick wall of her home. When we arrived, there were a few bees going in and out of a gap in the flashing over the brick.

Using the thermal camera, we confirmed our suspicions. The bees were in the ceiling of the first floor.

Elisha, suited up and ready to go!

Our first order of business was to build a room using drop cloth. This would contain the bees, keep the customer safe, and make removing the stragglers easier.

Once the room was built, we were ready to roll. We started by using a sawzall to cut the Sheetrock out so we could access the hive.

Cutting the access hole

With the Sheetrock and insulation out of the way we were able to see the hive. We estimate that this hive had been there only a couple months but they were working hard.

Such a beautiful sight! A rough estimate would be about 2,000 -3,000 bees.

After taking some pictures. We started the removal. Elisha had brought his vacuum with a dryer duct as a hose. The suction was perfect for removing bees.

Vacuuming can be fun!
Kenly vacuuming the bees. The bees wouldn’t cooperate. They kept running to the back of the combs.

After we were done removing the bees and comb, we sealed the entrance from the inside to keep out any straggler that returned. Elisha just happened to have some Sheetrock, so he did a great job patching the hole!

Nice work by Elisha!

Once our mess was cleaned up we vacuumed the few stragglers left outside and then loaded our equipment.

We really enjoyed working for Mrs. Louis! She is such a kind person. Thank you, Mrs. Louis!

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