5 Easy Ways to Save the Bees

1. Buy Local Honey

  Purchasing local honey may be the easiest way to help the honey bee. By supporting a local beekeeper, you are giving back to the hives that he or she tends.



2. Plant a Flower Garden

Bees are not picky pollinators, but do tend to go after those plants with the most pollen and nectar. Flowers, like Hyacinth, Marigolds, and Snapdragons, are favorites.


For our tech savvy, pollinator lovers, Pollinator.org has the Bee Smart® Pollinator Gardener. This is a very useful tool for determining what to plant in your area!


3. Step Away from the Spray

The use of pesticides are not only harmful to the bees, but to our families,water supply, and food products. Have a positive impact on our world by choosing alternative methods of pest control.


Check out these pesticide and chemical alternatives from gardencollage.com!


4. Become a Beekeeper

  For all the beekeeper ladies and gents, there is nothing quite like being an active and hands on part of saving the bees! We get to educate, guide, and influence the world. Our love for the bees and all they are, keeps us happy!


Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming a beekeeper. We will help find a mentor near you!


5. Sponsor a Hive

Sponsoring a hive is the perfect way for someone to get involved without sacrificing time and energy.

Here are a couple of ways you can sponsor a hive:

  • Donate space: A hive doesn’t need much room. A corner in the backyard, a spot in your garden, or even an observation hive in the living room window, could be the perfect way to make a difference.

  • Monetary donations: By donating to your local beekeeper, beekeeping club, or informative websites like Old Dominion, you are providing necessary equipment and resources to the stewards of bee management and education.





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