Astley Job: Richmond, Virginia

On May 16, I was contacted by Al and Courtney Astley out of Richmond. Courtney explained that they had noticed bees going in and out of a void overtop of their bay window and soon realized that they had an established hive living in their house.

Courtney and Al contacted our friends, Critter Control, who advised them to contact us for a humane solution to their problem.

The next day, Old Dominion was out at the Astley’s for a consultation. From the beginning, Courtney and Al were the perfect customers. They offered us water and treated us like family from the beginning! Their appreciation and happiness was obvious.

Unfortunately, our Flir was unable to locate the hive, as they were not inside the walls or ceiling of the house. Courtney graciously went out and bought us a Milwaukee M-Spector 360 Rotating Digital Inspection Camera so we could inspect a space that we suspected the hive to be in.

Once we had the telescopic camera, we were able to verify that the bees were actually underneath the bay window roof!

Just to be sure of the location of the hive, we left the Flir with Al who did a great job locating the hive, once the copper flashing cooled down. He sent us this awesome picture of the hive underneath the roof!

The morning of the removal was pretty rough! Things looked like they were against us when we got the boom lift stuck in the Astley’s yard. Not to be deterred, we started the deconstruction using a borrowed ladder from a neighbor.

We had seen a good number of bees and knew the hive had to be healthy. Imagine our surprise when we were able to get a video of the inside of the hive with the Milwaukee. No bees! Empty comb! Something was going on here.

Once we pulled the boards off, we were able to see that the bees had abandoned this section of comb and moved into the middle section of the roof.

Eventually, with a little luck and the Astley’s’ help, we were able to get the lift unstuck, which made the job a lot easier!

Here are a few pictures of the removal.

All in all, it was a thirteen hour job, but given the wonderful hospitality and the awesome friends we made that day, it wasn’t bad at all!

Thank you so much to Courtney and Al for the kindness shown to us! We are happy to have met you guys!

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