Butler Job- 6/1/18

On June 1, we were contacted by Brian Butler-Au and his wife Liz in Henrico. Liz explained to us that they had noticed honey bees entering an expansion joint where the front porch met the wall. The Butlers advised us that they didn’t typically use the front door and had only seen the bees for a short period before calling us.

On June 4, we were at the Butler’s home in hopes of determining exactly where the bees were. Using the Flir, we were able to determine that the bees were not in the wall. Upon further investigation, we determined that they were actually in the porch roof! Typically, a roof removal is a difficult task but we got lucky on this one. The roof was flat!

When we used the thermal camera to see the size and location of the bees, we were astounded by the images we got. As you can tell in the video, this hive looked to be huge!

Two weeks later, we were back out for the removal. Our good friend, Elisha Sommerville, agreed to lend us his expertise and assistance as we removed what could, potentially, be the largest hive in Old Dominion history.

Once we got set up, it was time to start. We removed the rubber liner that protected the roof and then cut through three layers of plywood until we were finally able to open it up!

With cameras ready, we removed the last piece of plywood………..

Well, that was a tad underwhelming! Oh well! Let’s get it done.

The next hour and a half consisted of removing comb, putting them in frames, and vacuuming honeybees. Elisha’s bee vac works really well! It is gentle enough to not kill the bees but strong enough keep them from holding on to things.

We used spray foam to block the inside of the roof and used caulking to block the entrance. This makes it near impossible for another hive to move in.

Once we were done, we cleaned up our mess and loaded the bees into Elisha’s car.

In the video below, you can see the bees on the outside of the bucket fanning their wings with their butts in the air. The pheromones given off by the workers tell other stragglers that the queen is there.

We have been blessed with awesome customers and the Butlers are no different! Thank you, Brian and Liz, for choosing Old Dominion for a live bee removal!

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